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Magnus Consulting provides consulting services on workplace issues related to the safety of employees. Through assessments, research, investigations, and training, appropriate recommendations can be presented to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.
Magnus Consulting is licenced through the Government of Alberta Business Security Services and Investigator Licences Program.
All training is based on the skills obtained through Rubin Thomlinson, expert trainers in workplace issues, investigations, and human rights; experience gained while working as a police officer for 14 years; and education obtained through a Master of Criminal Justice and a Doctorate in Business Administration: Organizational Leadership.
The goal of the consulting services is to provide you with high quality experienced consulting, along with recommendations that can be implemented to meet your corporate or individual culture and safety needs.

Corporate Values


At Magnus Consulting our mission is to provide the highest level of service to clients utilizing proven skills, techniques, and research.


Magnus Consulting envisions a society where every employee has the right to a safe and respectful workplace.


Honesty, Commitment, Ethics, and Accountability.

Some of our Courses

Ethical leadership is a course that provides the learner with an in-depth explanation of ethics and how personal beliefs influence the direction of the leadership process. Through an exploration of the various leadership styles and ethical issues an individual could…Read More.
 Leading to greatness offers participants the skills and tools to help them as both informal and formal leaders excel to be the best they can be. Through her completion of a Doctorate in Business Administration and a minor in Organizational Leadership, coupled with…Read More. 
 Leadership and teams is a course that explores the various types of teams and how, as a leader, a successful team can be built and maintained…Read More.
 Organizational culture and leadership is a course that examines the purpose of leadership and how organizational culture can influence the direction of a leader. Through case study analysis and group interaction, a more in-depth understanding of…Read More. 
 ncorporating training and education on gender and diversity in the workplace to progress your organization. Through hands-on training your organization will understand the basics of gender identity and expression, the applicability of the…Read More.
 “Perfecting what we know with being respectful” is a course that recognizes the respect many individuals already display in their personal and professional lives. However, this course provides further information and education to the learner about why…Read More.
Forensic Experiential Trauma-Informed (FETI) Interviewing is a science-based methodology used to educate professionals on the importance of empathic listening and recognizing brain-based cues when interviewing individuals who have experienced trauma…Read More.
Workplace assessments is a course that provides the learner with the tools and skills to properly conduct a workplace assessment. Instruction will include education on how to determine the scope and mandate; create surveys; conduct interviews and…Read More.
 Workplace investigations is a course where the participant will learn how to conduct a workplace investigation. The course will include writing up the contract; deciding on the mandate and scope; how to conduct interviews using a trauma-informed…Read More.

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